South Florida's Mind State blends cultures and eras to bring a new voice to raucous, high-energy rock. Their complex sound takes the noise and rawness associated with grunge bands of the 90's, such as Hum, Deftones and the Smashing Pumpkins, and mashes it with the intensity and power of modern heavy shoegaze innovators, such as Loathe, Fleshwater, and Narrow Head, to create powerful, signature songs that reflect the multicultural nature of the band's fully Hispanic membership. Formed in 2019 by guitarist/vocalist Vasco Paredes and bassist Fernando Valdiviezo, who both moved to the US from Peru, the 4-piece's true lineup took form in 2021, when drummer Sam Cruz, who is Cuban-American, and guitarist Vicente Soto, who moved to the US from Chile, joined the group. In their short lifetime, they have utilized a strong work ethic to become staples of the Miami underground scene, playing with acts such as Zeta, Woolbright, Mold!, Gravess, and Velora. With their debut EP in the works, Mind State aims to bring their authentic, heritage-infused music not only to the US, but worldwide.